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 Introduction Survey!

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Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears

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Introduction Survey! Empty
PostSubject: Introduction Survey!   Introduction Survey! EmptyFri Jul 24, 2009 2:49 am

This is a survey to get to know other people!

Name/Screen Name:
Favorite Harry Potter Character:
Favorite Harry Potter book:
Favorite Harry Potter movie to date:
Favorite non-Harry Potter movie:
Favorite actor/actress:

Name/Screen Name: Phoenix Tears, DL, DisneyLuver
Location: California, baby! Very Happy
Favorite Harry Potter Character: Hermione
Favorite Harry Potter book: The Half-Blood Prince
Favorite Harry Potter movie to date: The Half-Blood Prince
Favorite non-Harry Potter movie: The Chronicles of Narnia, Star Trek (2009)
Favorite actor/actress: Emma Watson
Other/short message: I can't wait to meet everyone on this forum! Smile
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Introduction Survey!
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